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Unsere neu gestaltete Homepage ist fertig! Viele Infos, Bilder und Videos rund um die Themen Ninja, Ninjutsu, Buddhismus ec.
Über einen Besuch und ein kleines Feedback in unserem Gästebuch würden wir uns sehr freuen :)


Thank you Blizzard you don't dissapoint at Addon-Launch ;)

WoW Login server down shortly after midnight of Cataclysm 'Release'
WoW Login server down shortly after midnight of Cataclysm Release

No WoW Cataclysm midnight sles in Austria


All Austrian WoW Cataclysm midnight sales are cancelled since some idiot(s) sued (not sure who yet, but I got that info from a shop that just had to ring like everyone who ahd preordered Cataclysm for midnight ..)

link is in German

If I find out who did that I make sure for my part I never buy anything thee should it have been a shop ...

Leonard Nimoy im Krankenhaus erholt sich gut nach Not-Op / Leonard Nimoy in Hospital recovering 'beautifully'

Wish you a speedy recovery!

More on my Star Trek Blog:


User accounts on this site...

Blocked and deleted quite a few user accounts as most/all seem to have been bots .. should there have been someone genuine please let me know so I can un-block the account.

Wow Cataclysm Patcher

Just why do we have to run a huge installer (5.29 GB) [which does *not* tell you first that you need more than 15GB free space where WoW is installed as temporary space btw .. I think it was about 16 or 17GB .. - problem is it just aborts and it does run for like 2 hours or sth like that ] but just after the installer we get the new launcher:

WoW 4.0.1 patcher

which tells you it wants another 1.6GB .. but you can start playing after about 600MB or sth ..

Animagic 2010 Japanese special guests

From left to right:

Trigun voice actor + Trigun mangaka, trigun character designer, moon kana, akira Himekawa

(more info see http://www.animania.de/animagic-2010-ehrengste.html )

Thanks Square Enix for your great (not-)translation...

This is what I got for clicking on the Final Fantasy XIV Config entry:

Error dialogue in japanese

Although I am studying Japanese this is too much for me at the moment i gotta get my dictionary ... I assume it means i did not run it yet.

Sorry, Blizzard downloader, I do not believe my Connection is that fast ;) ROFL

Sorry but I don't believe in you anymore dear Blizzard downloader:
Blizzard Downloader Showing 4095MB/sec

(We only got a 4MBit/sec connection ;)

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