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Update with new iptables features and validate existing scripts.

The features are from around 5 years ago and i'm sure there are new ones, and also existing features have to be validated.

FWAT - FireWall Administration Tool

A (simple) firewall administration tool which generates shell scripts as output to be used on servers (or desktop machines too of course).

This was a project which I worked on together with a Friend of mine in school and unfortunately hasn't been updated since then, though I think most things will still work, but new stuff will be missing.

LordVan.com webpage

Webpage project

UK Taikai 2007

Really looking forward to the Genbukan UK Taikai 2007.
It'll be in Southampton and the Grand master will attend too! ;)

Busy days ..

Been busy the last few days to install drupal on my server for both my website as well as my wife's. Hers has definitely more content so far as I spent my time setting up everything so it works and so she can easily use it without my help as well :)

Rats i forgot to check GWN again to see if I got to translate a dev of the week section and of course there is one now .. fortunately rather short :)

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