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Renting, Landlord/lady's Contractors,... fence

Still we haven't heard anything about our fence being repaired finally .. (it is in quite a bad condition now - which it wasn't when we first reported it months ago [apparently the weather wasn't good enough - well fine .. ])

The contractor was first here last saturday (12th) and said that he'd have to replace the fence completely (last week ...) - fair enough it was raining most of the week - but someone could have said something about what the plan is..

Sushi and Marble Cake pictures

Here as promised some photos:

My Sushi - Maki rolls ;) - all those boxes next to it were full too, but I ate the contents before taking this photo hehe

Marble cake - as i said didn't come out very well :(


MultiRenamer is a tool i wrote as i needed a reliable way to rename lots of files according to a pattern (regex 'only' at the moment ;)).

It is written in python and uses Jason Orendorff's path.py. Currently the only thing working is the ConsoleMultiRenamer. I'm planning on adding a gui as well as soon as I get time but the console version works quite well - apart from not really existent handling of errors in regex and/or replacement patterns.

Waendel Walk, Sushi, Marble Cake

Made some marble cake on saturday ;) It tastes nice (and is nearly gone already), but unfortunately got stuck in the cake shape so it came out broken - I'll add a picture tomorrow ;)

Also Made some sushi (maki rolls with Smoked Salmon and peppers). My rice turned out quite nice this time and I took it on the Waendel Walk with me today as lunch/snack. Ate most of it, but not all as the weather wasn't very good...

SSL Certificate ..

Added https mode as i didn't like the idea of my password being transmitted in clear text (both on my and my wife's page the default is now https - until i figure out a good way - prolly with mod_rewrite or something to make logon secure as the secure page module from drupal seems not to take the 'start page' into accout so i log on unsecured if i'm not careful ..)

CDs, magazines, Waendel Walk, Drupal modules

Gotta put up some reviews later for the latest Metal Hammer and Classic FM Magazine CDs (both magazines had 2 discs included which are mostly great - only 2 or 3 tracks a disc i don't listen to at all ;)

This weekend will be Waendel Walk Weekend. We'll be going Sunday, so I can't go training, but I don't have money at the moment anyway so I guess it's ok.

Japanese Gamecube, Modoki, Nintendo DS games

Played too much the Japanese Naruto (3) fighting game on our new(from ebay ;)) japanese Gamecube. Got the power lead and extra controllers this monday.
Guessing what menus are is fun - for a while at least lol

Game was from Play Asia which sells asian games and ships them - well everywhere really ;)
unfortunately we got charged 27 pounds for the import at the doorstep (i think they charged too much but still need to find out ..)

Chinchillas, BBQ, Weekend in general ;)

At the weekend we went to look at some Chinchillas at a Chinchilla Rescue place in Rushden. They had loads of Chins there (my guess is 50+). We decided to get one of them as our Chin Travis seems to be lonely after the - sudden - death of Gizmo (R.I.P). We'll pick him up later today - still gotta decide on a name though as the current name from previous owner is a bit strange and we'll have to change it as I keep forgetting.
The Chin. Rescue place also had 3 dogs (2 of them like the size of ponys!!!)

uk taikai over, dbmail problems

UK Taikai is over - got home sunday night (just before midnight ;)).
Was a great experience and I'm sure I'll go again if there is a chance. Unfortunately I could not go to the banquet, as it was too late and getting home even later was not practical for me or the guys I took with me in my car.

Coming back i noticed that my FastHosts server had bee rebooted for some reason so I went to sort it out. (webpage was down as i forgot to enable automatic start up of apache .. this sux ..).

UK Taikai preparations, PostgreSQL fixes for some drupal modules

Busy day again..

After having to go to a clients site yesterday it was quite busy again.

In my lunch break I went to the library (had some books due back tomorrow which i couldn't renew anymore ;'( ) and fixed some drupal modules for postgresql. list below:

birthdays module had no pgsql code at all so big patch for this to make everything work: http://drupal.org/node/137907

Releasemonitor pgsql SQL install (create table) code had a bug. fixed that too: http://drupal.org/node/137885

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