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Nevow DropDownListWithDefault class (Element)

I wrote a page with quite a few dropdown lists .. since it gets tedious to just copy and paste I wrote myself a DropDownList class which takes a name and default:

Nevow basic container Page + Page/Element with Data

Here some small code - snippets where some form of data gets passed to a page / element. This could of course be changed to get more data or not a dict/axiom db but I prefer it this way (Pretty much every axiom/nevow app will need something like this afaik):

Beagle config for headless Server with Web - Frontend

Just remembered today, that I nearly forgot to blog about my beagle setup on a file server with web-frontend and headless config.

Xorg + ati drivers problem on my laptop

Still got problems with newest catalyst on my laptop ...
I'll attach the logs here since the great support page doesn't let me paste that much text ...

start X, run program (emacs, gnome,... ) -> crash
(for some reason WoW works through wine wiht some - quite severe- display errors)

Gentoo Developer Overlay, VariCAD / VariCAD Viewer

Completely forgot to blog that I have a gentoo dev overlay now - apart from a quick mention on the hp tablet pc blog.
It can be added with "layman -a lordvan" (after installing layman and configuring and sync'ing it of course.

The main reason for blogging it is that I added sci-misc/varicad-viewer and sci-misc/varicad-viewer-de (based on the ebuild in wtk-scientific, but updated and using debs instead of rpms + also using native amd64 now if it is on amd64 :D
Thanks to Toffanin Mauro who made the original ebuild in wtk-scientific.

gentoo, hal + xorg 7.4 (xinput, wacom, synaptics)

Finally figured out what was wrong with my input devices since the upgrade.
It seems that because of the new hal + xinput auto detect stuff things got messed up. I now got working fdi files for both my stylus and my synaptics touchpad :D
After some looking around i had figured out that i need to have my config stuff in .fdi files for hal instead of in my xorg.conf file which was something i should've read in some changelog .. i should really start reading those :D

Xorg 7.4 and ati-drivers 5.561, touchpad (synaptics)

Upgraded to xorg 7.4 and new ati drivers in hope of them working better as it actually says my model but apparently that only means the desktop model not the laptop one .. still crashes most of the time.
since downgrading was a pita now too i left it and use vesa for now since it's too much of a pain ..

Finally sorted out the SSL certificate

Finally sorted out the SSL certificate with alternate common names (for different sub-domains w/o additional warning ;)).
so If you got the CACert root certificate there shouldn't be any more warnings.

Trek Dinner / Meet and Greet Vienna

Going to the Star Trek Meet & Greet today to vienna. It's organized by the Galactic Friendship.
This year's list of (famous) guests is below.
A PDF Flyer(German) can be dowloaded here.

ati-support ..

i reported the issues with my gfx card to ati a couple of days ago. (the driver patch ones, but the crash on x startup and wine game display errors).
no answer so far. lets see if anything happens at all..

On another note i only got like 3 days left to work at my current employers ;)

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