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Sorry, Blizzard downloader, I do not believe my Connection is that fast ;) ROFL

Sorry but I don't believe in you anymore dear Blizzard downloader:
Blizzard Downloader Showing 4095MB/sec

(We only got a 4MBit/sec connection ;)

User accounts on my site / Benutzer auf meiner Seite


If you create an account please note that i do look through new ones regularily and will block or delete suspicious accounts (if for example it is an account name with viagraXX or sth then it goes straight to the bin).
If i suspect someone is a bot/spammer i usually send an email out so please reply otherwise your account will prolly get deleted/blocked.
If your account got blocked please drop me a quick mail (webmaster@ the domain of the page) with your username (from the email address you used to register) and i'll unblock it.




Nokia N900 Maemo 5 PR1.2 update -- conclusion

First of all it worked ok!

I did not have enough free space on '/' (root) to complete it at once so it aborted twice for me ..
If it does that: don't panic .. in the terminal (as root) run dpkg --configure -a (which will finish setup of all the already installed packages -- which will clear up more space again. (running 'sync' is always good as it can give u even more space :D

after that just re-start apt-get dist-upgrade ;) -- rinse and repeat until done :d

Nokia N900 Maemo 5 PR1.2 upgrade

just wanted to upgrade only to notice it wants to download like 111MB and of course there ain'T enough space on /var/cache/apt/archives .. (it says that when you run apt-get dist-upgrade as root from the command line)

Warning: no guarantee this works / does not break anything / delete your data,..

!!!I found that putting archives on the sd card is a bad idea since it seems to unmount that in the process -- recovery was possible for me but i don'T suggest it as it can be a bit tricky

ebay.de and free listing days ... (and their contact form which cannot easily be found in their Contact section)

i really wish ebay.de would get the idea about sending out emails about free listing days ..

Snow, Snow and more snow ...

It keeps snowing here .. then stopping, melting away and then it snows again...
Had like 10 cm or more over night and some more this morning .. ;)

new community page for startrek / scifi fans

I've started a new community page for star trek / sci fi fans in Austria .. hopefully it'll work out: www.startrek.or.at

Ich habe eine neue Star Trek und Sci-Fi Community Seite gestarted für Fans aus Österreich .. hoffentlich wird das was: www.startrek.or.at

Broad Green archers webpage and robots meta tag ;)

I just noticed recently that for some strange reason a page I had made for Broad Green Archers was not listed on google. So I started investigating and wasn't particularily surprised about it anymore when I noticed that the pages had a robots META tag with NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW .. ;)

New howtos section, twisted blogs

As is visible from the previos blog posts I started to write small howtos regarding python / twisted / nevow.
At first I wanted to put them as a Page but drupal won't let ppl add comments on Pages so I just put a Page with links to blog entries (ones just before this one ;))
There is a new Howto link at the top of the page btw. Look out for more howtos / content ;)

Nevow HTML Table rendering with xhtml template and stan

Very short example of a Page with xml template and a table which is used to render some data (with stan).
Thanks to Brend for sharing this with me (he also said that there is probably some way to do it without stan, but I quite like this as it is easy to use):

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