WoW Works again (german copy this time but who cares..)

Got WoW to work again yesterday .. all I did was copy it from another pc (my brothers) and ran the German version. Although I prefer the English one I don't really care anymore at this point as I've not used it for too long (considering u pay per month ...)

Comic- und Figurenbörse, WoW being PITA

Yesterday we went to the Comic- und Figurenbörse Wien. The entry was quite cheap (&eur; 3). Quite a few nice comics/mangas/figures/dvds/games. Not much I wanted to afford for the prices there though apart from some cheap mangas and stuff. We stayed for about 1.5 hours and then went to have a snack there at the food place then went back home.

Weird 'users' being created ....

Just again wondering why I get 2-5 'users' a week created on my CMS with obviously bogus names like 'dwLckaaIEsRgLZPn' and stuff and fake email addresses .. I guess it's prolly some bots or idiots who want to post crap on my webpage... To you bots/ppl ... screw off I won't unblock those users anyway ..

Snow and ferrets

Last week it snowed here quite a lot which was cool - apart from the roads. There were some problems on some motorways,...

We took the ferrets out 2 times and it was quite funny as they tunnel under the snow :) -- will try to upload some pics/vids later

There's only a little bit of snow left now .. :(

Gazette Concert over

The Gazette Concert on Tuesday in Munich was great (although it was raining and the queue was moving very slowly ...). Got to St. Pölten at around 05:00 and home at around 06:00. Had a shower, got changed and went to the trainstation to go to work :D .I'll write some more later prolly :)

Read in the (free) daily newspaper one can get at train and underground stations that there's some sort of Manga Contest where one can win to work for Egmont Anime & Manga. The web address is

egroupware 1.4.002

Finally managed to re-install egroupware (best free groupware i found so far :) - although i'd prefer it to be written in python instead of php but hey it works :D ) on my server (not a technical problem but a time one ;))

Some news

Haven't written much lately due to move back to Austria (driving from .uk to .at sucks - and i did the whole thing 4 times already - will be 5 most likely *cry*).

anyway will try to write some real entries again soon :D

Amecon 2007 over, too much gaming, Ferrets bath ^.^

Amecon 2007 is over now. I'll put some sort of review later and maybe some photos as well(yes i know i promised that for Animagic photos as well but I didn't have time yet).

We went home early yesterday from AmeCon and went to my parents in law where we tried out a 'new' japanese naruto fighting game (which we got from the bring & buy) on our japanese gamecube - good fun, but lots less characters than the newer ones. Unfortunately we mixed up which one we already had and didn't buy volume 2 of the game :(
so we played that for like 1 hour or so... ;)

Updated some pages

Finally put (at least) somethig on the About and About Me pages (not a lot on About I admit but better than before hehe).

Dir En Grey Concert last week, Port Lympne Wild Animal Park

We went to the Dir En Grey Concert in London last Thursday. We got there 'quite' early, but still there was a really long queue which went around some shops and quite a bit up the 'main' street there. We decided to have a look around Borders there first as it was too early.
The queue was still pretty much in the same place still fortunately (although it kept growing after we queued ourselves :) )
The pre-band was quite interesting although I didn't know them ;)

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