Broad Green archers webpage and robots meta tag ;)

I just noticed recently that for some strange reason a page I had made for Broad Green Archers was not listed on google. So I started investigating and wasn't particularily surprised about it anymore when I noticed that the pages had a robots META tag with NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW .. ;)
So I changed that now. One good thing to come out of it - besides that from now on I'll check my meta tags - is that I also poked around the google webmaster tools which I find quite interesting. Let's see how long it takes for the bot to index the whole page w/o the xml sitemap .. ;)


I originally serched for my

I originally serched for my site and my anti-virus popped up an alert. I denied access then tried the same search but the alert did not appear the 2nd time around. I thought perhaps it was a false alarm. However if you see it too I need to investigate this further. jordan II kicks (