Nevow HTML Table rendering with xhtml template and stan

Very short example of a Page with xml template and a table which is used to render some data (with stan).
Thanks to Brend for sharing this with me (he also said that there is probably some way to do it without stan, but I quite like this as it is easy to use):

First up the python code(I'll sort out the indent issues later but for now just add the appropriate indent for python code - if you don't know what I mean you should probably read a python howto first):

from nevow import rend
from nevow import loaders
from nevow import tags as T

class SiteRoot(rend.Page):
    addSlash = True
    docFactory = loaders.xmlfile('templates/page.xml')
    def data_title(self, ctx, data):
        return u'Blechlager Verwaltung'
    def render_testTable(self, ctx, data):
        rows = [[11,12],[21,22],[31,32]]
        tags = []
        for (a, b) in rows:
            tags.append( [ [ a ], [ b ] ])
        ctx.tag = tags
        return ctx.tag

And now the xhtml template for it:

      Strict//EN" "">
<html xmlns="" lang="en" xml:lang="en"
    <title nevow:data="title" nevow:render="string" />
    <h1 nevow:data="title" nevow:render="string" />
        <span nevow:render="testTable" />