Dir En Grey Concert last week, Port Lympne Wild Animal Park

We went to the Dir En Grey Concert in London last Thursday. We got there 'quite' early, but still there was a really long queue which went around some shops and quite a bit up the 'main' street there. We decided to have a look around Borders there first as it was too early.
The queue was still pretty much in the same place still fortunately (although it kept growing after we queued ourselves :) )
The pre-band was quite interesting although I didn't know them ;)
Dir En Grey was good, but they only started playing themselves at around 20:30 !! (the hall opened at 19:00). I didn't like the location though as it was rather small, had no seats at all, quite crowded and was a bit too much airconditioned ;)

On Saturday we had another earlyish start as we went to Port Lympne Wild Animal Park. I adopted an animal there a while ago (Tengui, a young tapir :)).
When we got there it was around 11:00 and quite hot. Most of the animals were still sleeping/hiding probably because of the heat. Because of that I mostly took pictures instead of filming as there was not much movement to record LOL.
We did only see 1 of the Tapirs having a bath and I'm not sure where the other one(s) were but still cool :D unfortunately the Giant Ant Eaters are at Howletts and not Port Lympne, but since our yearly passes get us into both parks we'll go there next time :)
Probably the best part there was that you could buy Meercat food and go feed them. They make the coolest noise while shoving each other out of the way of the food ROFL I filmed them for like 20 minutes ;)
Anyway we all had a good time there. I'll prolly upload some photos / short vids later.

Unfortunately I could not go training on sunday, as our cat brought in some fleas and we had to spray like the whole house :( -- also couldn't go yesterday as there was no training :( :( :( I'm going to have to change the date for my test if possible I think as I haven't been in 3 weeks by now and won't be able to go next weekend most likely.