Japanese Gamecube, Modoki, Nintendo DS games

Played too much the Japanese Naruto (3) fighting game on our new(from ebay ;)) japanese Gamecube. Got the power lead and extra controllers this monday.
Guessing what menus are is fun - for a while at least lol

Game was from Play Asia which sells asian games and ships them - well everywhere really ;)
unfortunately we got charged 27 pounds for the import at the doorstep (i think they charged too much but still need to find out ..)
got 3 japanese DS games (Bleach fighting game, Shana RPG (lol, don't understand it really haha) and a Naruto fighting game. also got a japanese Naruto 3 game for the GameCube.

I gotta get myself a DS so that after my wife's birtyday we can play together wireless ;)

We also picked up our new Chinchilla on monday. We finally decided on Modoki as a name. He seems to settle in well, but unfortunately it'll take at least a month before we can let him get close to Travis.. :(
Though he seems to talk to Travis - or he is snoring not sure about that lol



You cant be more right.