Chinchillas, BBQ, Weekend in general ;)

At the weekend we went to look at some Chinchillas at a Chinchilla Rescue place in Rushden. They had loads of Chins there (my guess is 50+). We decided to get one of them as our Chin Travis seems to be lonely after the - sudden - death of Gizmo (R.I.P). We'll pick him up later today - still gotta decide on a name though as the current name from previous owner is a bit strange and we'll have to change it as I keep forgetting.
The Chin. Rescue place also had 3 dogs (2 of them like the size of ponys!!!)

After that we had a BBQ both days - first day I had some trouble getting fire going as I didn't notice i put some 'dust/old ash' in it :( . - Also forgot to use the -fresh(!)- salmon the first day so we had it sunday :)

Quite a good weekend all in all and not too busy ;)

oh and got a parcel with some Gamecube controllers and power supply for our Japanese Gamecube / European Wii ;) gotta test them later (shoudl also get a game for the japanese Gamecube later .. ups is taking a while it seems :)

Edit: also cut my finger with a like 20-30 cm blade bread knife (nearly cut a bit off, but only shallow cut.. ;) )