uk taikai over, dbmail problems

UK Taikai is over - got home sunday night (just before midnight ;)).
Was a great experience and I'm sure I'll go again if there is a chance. Unfortunately I could not go to the banquet, as it was too late and getting home even later was not practical for me or the guys I took with me in my car.

Coming back i noticed that my FastHosts server had bee rebooted for some reason so I went to sort it out. (webpage was down as i forgot to enable automatic start up of apache .. this sux ..).

Anyway got plenty of problems still with dbmail (especially the IMAP daemon. - doesn't move emails unless like one by one, gives strange errors sometimes when using evolution,... )
attaching some logs here as I can't attach them on the dbmail tracker. (will link to it.)

mail_logs_without_password_207-04-24_1132_afterEvolution.tar.bz2407.63 KB



Excellent!!! !

What is excellent?

what do you mean?
uk taikai, dbmail? ;)

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Excellent!!! !


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