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Welcome to LordVan.com

My old page can be found here: old, static page

Changed certificate from CACert to letsencryt to avoid prompts for people without CACert root certificate (95% of the people I know ..)

Feel free to register an account. - Normal user doesn't have many permissions on purpose but should be able to comment -- with approval needed since i had quite some spam before ;))

Photo Gallery

I decided to create a seperate image gallery.
At the moment there are only photos from LinuxWochen & PyDays Vienna 2017 and Zoo ones .. more to follow.


postfix, sasl and some upper case letters...

So I was trying to figure out why i kept getting this error:

postfix/smtpd[PID]: warning: : SASL PLAIN authentication failed: generic failure

Took me a while but then i found out the problem was really simple .. - sort of annoying really ;)
The solution was in /etc/sasl2/smtpd.conf: I had this:

mech_list: PLAIN

The solution was actually just changing one line:

A little useful addition for ssh login (from putty) to my .bashrc / .bash_profile

A while ago I was getting increasingly annoyed with encoding problems through ssh - especially when using putty from windows to access my box with filenames,.. in de_AT.UTF-8 - so I was constantly setting locale back to 'C' or something similar.
And well since I am lazy I did look for a way to make that happen automatically -- unfortunately I didn't find a -reasonably easy- way to see if I am using putty. But at least you can find out if you are logged in through ssh or not. So here's a little code snippet I added to my .bashrc to save myself from garbled console output:

Server monitoring with monit (dbmail, openfire, postfix, ..)

I just added some more server monitoring using monit to my server so I thought I'd share a bit of the config in case someone else has a use for it.

Since /etc/monitrc is by default rather verbose and well commented I'll skip this though (also this is covered in a lot of other tutorials anyway)

HexChat update breaks favourite channels + script to fix it

Ok I've been very lazy blog-wise .. I shall try to better myself .. ;)

So to start with something useful: I just upgraded my HexChat and had the problem that the update messes up my Auto-join channels or favourites or whatever you want to call them. So since I'm lazy - and a programmer here's some python code for this:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import sys

DEBUG = False

# old format: J=#chan1,#chan2,#chan3 key1,,key3
#new format: J=#chan,key  -- one per line

Radeon HD 6800 series + open source radeon drivers on linux 3.2.0

After extra frustrations recently I tried out the latest open source radeon driver (combined with latest xorg-server-1.11.3 + linux 3.2.0). It seems to work better than before but then I started an opengl application:

Here's a photo GDM + Open Source Radeon drivers on Radeon HD 6850

User creation disabled

Due to recent ridiculous numbers of new users created by spam bot user creation is disabled for now. If someone wants an account please just contact me.

Added a link to my G+ profile

I've been quite active on G+ recently - which is partially to blame for lack of updates here - so feel free to check out my profile.

I've been uploading quite a few photos there too.

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